"The chief fuddling they make in this island is 'Rumbullion', alias 'Kill Divill', and this is made of sugar cones distilled; a hot,  hellish and terrible liquor..."

Our Pure Single Cask Rum is hand distilled from 100% molasses, with each cask aged on site in our railway arch distillery, just south of Glasgow Central Station.

True to our LO-FI approach, we bottle each cask without chill-filtration, and with no added colours or flavours, embracing the natural variance in the distilling and maturation processes: each release is truly unique.

Cask No: 002

Bottles: 84

Cask Type: Barleywine

Casked: 05/06/2019

Bottled: 31/08/2021

ABV: 56%

Tasting Notes: Green Apples, Nutmeg, Cocoa, Old Books

£ 45.00