The New Tropical

The New Tropical

New Tom Gin / contemporary


35ml New Tom Gin
25ml Pink grapefruit tepache
10ml sugar syrup
2 drops saline
Coconut oil


We like messing about with different ferments at the distillery for research purposes, and tepache is one of our favourites. An ancient drink indigenous to Mexico, all it requires of you is to chop a pineapple into chunks (rind and all, to ensure you include all the natural yeasts growing on its surface), mash it up and stick it in a clean glass jar with some water and sugar for a couple of days before straining off the resulting liquid. In this variation, we also include a couple of thick slivers of pink grapefruit. The deep funk and sourness of tepache is the perfect foil for the subtle sweetness of our New Tom. Stir everything down over ice, strain and serve straight up. Garnish ironically with one of those little umbrellas, and a spritz of coconut oil for added texture.

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